1000 Generations

1000 Generations

Four Truths that Stand Test and Time

This weekend we begin a series of sermons highlighting 4 key doctrines that stand up to both testing and time. If we were to believe differently in these areas it would produce a very different kind of fruit, if you could call it fruit at all.

Aug 1. The Godness of God: We start with God because God starts with God. God is. God is simple. God simply remains the same.

Aug. 8 The Condescension of God: the only way that this God can relate His creation is by stepping down to do so. We call the form of God’s condescension a covenant. We are born into a covenant with Adam. We are born again into a covenant with Christ.

Aug. 15 The Worship of God: The God who exists by His own power and condescends to be in relationship to man regulates His own worship by His revealed Word in the Bible.

Aug 22 The People of God: The people of God confess the faith together once for all delivered to the saints. That truth has been summarized, put in forms to be learned and passed on from generation to generation.