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A Prayer for the People

Sunday’s prayer for the people, based upon the call to worship from Psalm 144:1. Our call to worship, as well as our benediction, ends with an Amen and Amen. The congregation joins in on the second with all their hearts.

Blessed be the Lord, my rock,

who trains my hands for war,

and my fingers for battle.

Eternal Lord of Hosts. You who regard man. You who touch the mountains and they smoke, yet you take regard for man. You are our stronghold. You train our hands for war. You rescue our children from palace of the devil. To you we sing a new song today. Give us eyes to see the battle raging against the knowledge of God in the world where we live and give us courage to stand and fight against it. We are in need of workers for the harvest, athletes for the race, soldiers for the battle. God, please raise them up among us. Take us – we sideline sitting, Monday morning quarterbacks – and send us out into the game, send us into the battle…and may the gates of hell not prevail against us. God, there are people we love, a community we love, a nation we love, that are all in great danger because they are captive to the devil to do his will. Free them by the Word of your Gospel. We ask this so that you would be seen as a great savior. In the name of Jesus, who already stands in victory, ruling heaven and earth, Amen and Amen.

A prayer for love on the 4th Sunday of Advent

O Lord God of Hosts, you sent your only Son, the man of your right hand, to us as an act of love at Christmas time. On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we pray that you would cause your face to shine upon us. Cause your face to shine upon our church. Cause your face to shine upon our children. Cause your face to shine upon our neighbors. Cause your face to shine upon our nation. Cause your face to shine upon our enemies. We confess that we have failed to act on the Advent love that you placed in our hearts. We have held your salvation close and testified instead to our opinions, ideologies, and private agendas. Forgive us of this sin and restore us again. Restore our minds with the primary knowledge that you have saved us and that we are your witnesses. Restore our hearts with a love for you and a love for our neighbors that cannot help but share. We ask this so that those we love and those you love would be restored to you as well, would be saved as well. We ask this so that you would be glorified in this church, our homes and our community as the only savior of sinners. And we pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, whom you gave for the world that you so loved. Amen