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Thinking about Singing

God has commanded us to sing and has given us songs to sing. Here are a few resources referenced on Sundays.

Sing! Keith and Kristen Getty

Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns. T. David Gordon. The link is to a sample chapter.

A Psalm Singing Resurgence.  This is a fascinating conversation on why we are seeing a resurgence in Psalm Singing among Evangelicals.
Should we Sing of God’s Reckless Love?  From John Piper. This is a good and gracious answer to what we do when the lyrics of worship songs, young or old, are theologically unworthy to be sung.
The Church Singing. A wonderful issue of the 9 Marks Journal dedicated to singing in church.
The Slow Death of Congregational Singing. A reflection from our friends at Matthias Media.
Music in the Church. Jarred Richey interviewed on the Kuyperian Commentary about music and children in the church.
Music for the Church. Mark Never interviews Keith Getty.


In the month of August we will continue our pursuit of becoming better worshippers by asking, “Why do we sing in Lord’s Day worship?” Christians are a singing people and this church has always been a singing people. Why does the “work of the people” (liturgy) include the songs of the people?

Our vision is of a uniquely congregational worship, filled with joy and quality. First, we sing to God because God is worth singing to. Second, we sing good congregational songs and we sing them well. Third, we improve our singing to improve our ministry to one another. Fourth, we teach our children to sing to give them the gift of song and give the future church the gift of singers.

Listen here.

Find more singing resources here.