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God’s Good Creation Camp

We are hosting God’s Good Creation Camp in person this summer!  Last summer campers learned that God created everything.  They explored our county discovering what God created and put here with us at this time.  They learned to name our local watershed and some of our local trees, insects and animals. This summer they will learn that God appointed people stewards over his creation on earth. To be good stewards, they must understand how the things God created work.  They will learn about water filtration, soil, photosynthesis, the anatomy of plants, insects, birds and ruminants and more through activities, games, crafts and even snacks.  This year’s camp is August 2-6th from 9:00 – 12:30. 

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Meet Bernie Smith

I was born and raised in Santa Margarita. I was the third of four children and went to SM Elementary School through 8th grade.

I was raised Catholic and married in the Catholic Church.

Where our oldest son Aaron was two years old, the Sunday School teacher of preschool students, Ethel Larsen, visited and asked if she could pick up Aaron each Sunday and take him to Sunday School. Life was different during the 1970’s. She had a two-door sedan and picked up from 8 to 12 preschool kids each week, stuffing them into her car. No seat belts, much less car seats which had not yet been invented. Ethel was dedicated to children and was never able to have her own. God used her passion to bring many families to church through their children.

A few years later, Gil Doebler SMCC 3rd pastor, made a huge impact on our family. My father had cancer for the second time, and we would leave our front room curtains open on the days he felt well enough for visitors. Gil would visit each day dad was up to a visit. Many talks would happen during those visits. Gil walked around Margarita much the same way Robert does, trying to visit with anyone who happened to be in their yard. After dad passed away, through a very difficult time with the local priest, I started taking my mom to Sunday School as well as our two boys. God was waking up my need to know more about Him during this same period. When the POW’s were returned from Vietnam after being in prison in solitaire with daily beatings for years they said their faith was kept alive by sharing bible verses, tapping the verse in morse code through the walls. It was also during this period that I discovered King David was also the David from David and Goliath. I knew nothing after spending years in Sunday mass.

After attending SMCC for a few years and growing in our relationship with Christ, with the help of Dan Blair (Atascadero Gospel Chapel), Byron and I started an AWANA program for all the children of SM. We had realized from our own background how important AWANA and bible memory is. It was very well attended by not only children from our church family but many students whose only church experience was through AWANA. For the privilege of doing the circle games these children memorized many bible verses.

My husband Byron passed away last year from with a second bout cancer after 52 years of marriage. This last year has been another very important year in my life of faith. I am holding on my life of faith in a deeper way. I am asking God how I can now spend my time serving Him in a new and different way. 

I am still blessed to be fellowshipping at SMCC with both my boys families and my grandchildren.

To God be the glory.