Santa Margarita Community Church

Welcome to Santa Margarita Community Church. We are a local church with ties to the Evangelical Free Church of America and we have been serving our neighborhoods and the community of Santa Margarita in particular for 70 years. Our ministry is fairly simple, so it should be easy for you to jump right in: We worship together, we talk together and we walk together.

We worship Jesus together on the Lord’s Day. Because God has made known to us the great treasure that we have in Jesus we cannot help but praise Him and to encourage each other to do the same. This is the most essential part of who we are and it is what we do most regularly as a church. On Sunday mornings, we sing together, we pray together, we laugh together and we listen to God's Word so that we might obey Him together. Come, let us worship together.

What begins in our worship gathering goes home with us. We believe that the kitchen table is the second most sacred gathering place we have. So we gather weekly with our Bibles open and our catechism books become better disciples. God continually uses His Word in the mouths of our brothers and sisters to change our hearts. Come, let's talk together.

The arrow that God launches in our hearts through worship transforms us as we talk and then sends us out into our day to day lives. We believe that God has sent us to our homes and our workplaces to act as He would act, love as He would love and to speak as He would speak. We are missionaries where we walk everyday. Come, let's walk together.