We believe that Christ is Lord of Santa Margarita and San Luis Obispo County. This shapes the way we serve our community. Since Christ is on his throne even now, the transformation of Santa Margarita does not depend upon our efforts. It is God's sovereign work by the holy Spirit that will change people’s hearts. Our responsibility, therefore, is to proclaim the gospel to Santa Margarita, live faithful Christian lives among our neighbors, and trust God to use our work for his kingdom. We seek this end in a number of ways:

Faithful Lord’s Day Worship

The proclamation of the word and our worship of God is our first and most important way of declaring Christ’s Lordship in Santa Margarita. (You can read more about how we worship here.)

Ordinary Christian Living

The second element of outreach is honest Christian living in the community among unbelievers. We encourage congregants to be actively involved in their community. For example, many members own businesses in the area and some have served on local advisory boards and in the Lion’s club. We would love to see church members involved in every aspect of service to our community. 


SMCC hosts a number of public events throughout the year. These have the two major purposes of establishing

A presence in the community: Some events are simply intended to help us be present in the life of our town and lead in the community. They are an opportunity to serve our neighbors, get to know them, and enjoy time together. These events include our country carnival on October 31st, or the Fourth of July parade and celebration, which we began several years ago and continue to help organize. 

A gospel voice in the community: Other events are intended to give more specific gospel preaching. While everyone is welcome to our Lord’s Day services each week, we go to special lengths to invite our neighbors to services on the major feast days of the Christian year: Christmas and Easter. On Christmas Eve we hold a traditional candlelight service, and on Easter we hold services in the Assistencia, a historic building first used for worship in the California mission system. At our Thanksgiving dinner, we host a large meal for our community and purposefully lead everyone present in giving thanks to our God for his provision. At our annual Christmas tree lighting in the park, we sing traditional Christian Christmas hymns and carols and explicitly praise God for the incarnation which we remember at Christmas. Finally, our “God’s Good Creation” summer camp seeks to teach kids the wonder of creation and show how it points to the glory of its creator. 

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