Wisdom is passed between generations

Wisdom is passed between generations

God has commanded parents to disciple their children and He will hold fathers accountable for it. If this is God’s design, then this is what will raise the church’s children into the next generation of Christian adults. The following are a few helpful resources on multi-generational ministry in the local church to raise up the next generation to be Christian adults.

Who invented adolescence? Mardi Keyes article looks into the history of adolescence and shows it to have an unbiblical foundation. 

Critique of Modern Youth Ministry This booklet from Chris Schlect addresses the fruit of building a church ministry on a worldly foundation of adolescence and gives a quick critique in order to restore multi-generational ministry behind the discipleship of parents.

What is wrong with age segregated, entertainment based youth ministry? Voddie Baucham answers questions about the institutional sacred cow of youth ministry and offers an argument for Family based youth ministry.

Parents are our Youth Ministry  Voddie again giving a sermon that encourages parents to disciple their own children and churches to do everything they can to encourage and support.

Family Based Youth Ministry This book by Mark Devries shows how this can work itself out practically in a local congregation.

Yes, we will get them together and yes, there will be fun, but the most important things are (1) their own parents and (2) other believing adults who will teach them and disciple them and prepare them to be adults who will love Jesus and lay their lives down.