The Teaching

“Because they have not been taught to think of the worship service as having gospel purposes, people instinctively think of its elements only in terms of personal preference: what makes me feel good, comfortable, or respectful.

Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Worship, 20

The Service of Worship

Notes: Order (PDF)
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The Preparation: Preparing for Worship

Notes: Preparation (PDF)
Teaching: Audio

The Preparation: Call to worship

Notes: Preparation (PDF)
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The Adoration: We Sing

Notes: Adoration (PDF)
Teaching: Audio

The Adoration: Prayer and Testimony

Notes: Testimony (PDF)
Teaching: Audio

The Lord's Day

Notes: Testimony (PDF)
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Exhortation: Scripture Reading

Notes: Scripture Reading (PDF)
Teaching: Audio

Exhortation: The Preached Word

Notes: The Preached Word (PDF)
Teaching: Audio

Exhortation: The Preacher and The People

Notes: The Preacher and The People (PDF)
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Dedication: The Table of Communion

Notes: The Table (PDF)
Teaching: Audio

Dedication: The Table of Communion (2)

Notes: The Frequency of Communion (PDF)
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Dedication: The Benediction

Notes: The Benediction (PDF)
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Dedication: The Order of Worship

Notes: The Order of Worship
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