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Keeping the Beauty in Front of Us
Psalm 105:8
Robert Campbell

As we look back on the last year and look forward to the next, a few things have become clear to us. First, God had prepared us for turbulent times. The world was disrupted, but fruitful ministry has flourished in our church because of the roots developed by the men and women who’ve gone before us. Second, God has been faithful to us. The weight of ministry during a pandemic has taken its toll on many. Even so, we look back on a year of wonderful health and fruit. God has been is beautiful to us. This church is beautiful to be part of. This place is beautiful to gather for worship.

There is a ton of good beauty right in front of us. The state of the world and other truly hard things can blind our eyes to it. God has been faithful to us in this last year and He will be in the year to come.


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