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That is not Acceptable
Leviticus 1:1-17
Series: Leviticus: Gaining Ground   |   Robert Campbell

We are all worship and all worshippers bring an offering in hopes of being accepted. That is not acceptable. We now think, because we have allowed Freud to catechize us and our children, that to NOT accept us as we are is an act of immorality and violence. We are appalled by the need to bring a sacrifice. No, a sacrifice is not appalling, our sin is appalling. That is why we need a sacrifice. God provides the acceptable sacrifice.

God has come down from the heavens to speak to us from the mountain. God has come down from the mountain to meet us in the Tabernacle. God has out of the Tabernacle to make His dwelling among us.

And when God was wrapped in flesh, He took all of our sin upon Himself and atoned for all of it. Jesus’ righteous life and sacrificial death has been accepted by God and you are acceptable in Him.


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