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Gaining Ground While Standing Still
Leviticus 26:11-12
Series: Leviticus: Gaining Ground   |   Robert Campbell

Christians are holy people. We are holy because Jesus has made us holy and made a way for us to return to God. This means that you are holy, right now, full stop. You are holy because Jesus has made you holy and those whom Jesus has made holy CANNOT be otherwise because He cannot be otherwise. Those whom Jesus has called holy CANNOT be otherwise because Jesus cannot be wrong.

Yes, there are 100 ways in which you and I are unlike Christ and yet because of who we are in Christ, that is changing too. Lord, let there be only 99 this time next week.

You are holy. This is your extortion to believe this and to draw near to God by way of Christ.

The holy God has called you near and He has done everything to make a way for you.


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