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Why Read Leviticus
Luke 24:27
Series: Leviticus: Gaining Ground   |   Robert Campbell

The book of Leviticus calls us to be holy as God Himself is holy.

As we begin our study of this seemingly strange Old Testament book that makes such a bold claim, our first response is, “That’s impossible!” Then we learn how many times this exact claim is restated in the New Testament and we feel the weight of it even more. You and I tend to dismiss much of the Old Testament, if we are being honest.

But the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. The God who promised is the same God who fulfilled those promises. And the God who commanded is the same God who kept those commands for us in the person of Jesus.

Jesus is holy. Jesus is the way that the holy God approached an unholy people. Leviticus is just a preview of things to come.

Our preview of Leviticus is to make you want to read it. So, we are going to answer 3 questions: “Why read Leviticus?” “How should we read Leviticus?” And, then we will conclude by asking, “So what?”


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