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Sing Psalms for Thankfulness
Psalm 93
Series: Sing Psalms!   |   Robert Campbell

We said that week that God’s people sing and one of the ways that God trains His people to sing is by giving us a songbook. God gives us a song book in order to shape our heads – what we know, our hearts -what we love, and our hands – what we fight for.

God’s people singing God’s songbook provide the soundtrack of a world that is being redeemed. Thankfulness is a recurring theme. The Psalms teach us to give thanks by putting words of thankfulness into our mouths.

We need to give thanks because we can quite easily become ungrateful. If you can’t say, “Amen,” you can at least say, “Ouch.” Lord, make us a truly grateful people so that the songs that we sing make the world a more grateful place because we are a grateful people.


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