We believe that God put us in this place at this time with these people. He intends for us to share the gospel in word and deed with those around us. We host events that allow us to speak the gospel to our neighbors. We work in partnership with a wide variety of local businesses, organizations, clubs and individuals in our town to promote the common values we share for a safe, family-friendly community.

We serve our community, that is who we are. To be part of Santa Margarita Community Church is to serve your neighbors towards God’s good ends. If you do not know how, we will show you as you walk with us. Here are a few of our annual “all hands on deck” events.

Country Carnival

Santa Margarita Community Church values being an integral part of our community.   On October 31st we host a safe, family friendly carnival with the Americana atmosphere our town appreciates.  Children attempt to eat donuts dangling from a string, try to toss an apple in a basket, and more.  It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen friendships while serving together in a booth or attending the event.

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Saturday before Thanksgiving Santa Margarita Community Church invites our neighbors to join us for a full holiday meal: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce, pie and more.  As we sit down to enjoy the feast together, our church leads our town in giving thanks to God for His abundant grace and provision.

Christmas Tree Lighting and Caroling

On the edge of our local park stands a giant redwood.  Each year at dusk, Santa Margarita Community Church invites our town to begin the Christmas season glorifying God by singing carols about Christ’s birth in the park and counting down for the official lighting of our town Christmas tree – our beautiful giant redwood.  Bundled up with hats, gloves and scarves, we walk up I street visiting neighbors who can’t come to the park and singing Christmas carols for them in their front yards.  This evening has become a town highlight of the Christmas season.