Cover One Another

Cover One Another

“Love covers a multitude of sins.”

Having prayerfully repented of being unnecessarily offended, having prayerfully asked God to mature you to the place of “overlooking offense,” now ask God to give you the supernatural strength to cover your brother or sister’s sin, even the sins committed against you.

How does that feel? Does it feel that you are making light of what was done to you? Then pray about that. Does it still feel that it is about you? Then pray about that. The aim of God in the Peter passage we are exploring is that we would be so other centered in the church that the first thing I think of when you step on my toes is the divine enabling that God has given me to cover your sin before it ever becomes known.

Remember, “Whoever covers an offense seeks love,” Proverbs 17:9.

Pray today that God would make you the kind of person in church who is not only never offended but that covers the sins of others for glory of God. And pray that God will grow your fellow church members in the same way, chances are that you will need it more than they do.