Justification changes everything

Justification changes everything

Sunday we had the joy of preaching through one passage that changed the world, Rom. 1:16-17. God used this passage to convert Martin Luther, which in turn has brought freedom to you in so many ways.

Here are a few simple resources to aid you in growing your faith through this study.

What is Justification? A simple two page explanation.

The Bible on Justification. A list of the Bible verses on justification.

Justification. A short, 25 page booklet to buy or download. Read this!

Faith Alone. A substantial book on the history and theology of justification by faith alone.

Why Justification matters. A thorough lecture on Justification from John Piper.

Justification. A full video course you could buy from RC Sproul on Justification. This is worth its weight in gold.