A Community Church

The Community Church is the way that God is restoring the world. By entering this local church, right here in Santa Margarita, we enter a relationship that is supernatural and yet at the same time, very human; profoundly exclusive and, at the same time, of great public good to every neighborhood in which we live.

To commit to a Community Church is to participate in a process of personal growth and learn to do the same for others. That is the profound benefit of being part of Santa Margarita Community Church, when you commit to the commitments, you get 200 commitments back. Listen to the Sermons Here.

A Community Church is a Sanctuary

We are Community Church where real sufferers become real comforters. Bring your brokenness with you. We welcome you in, we will heal you up, and send you out again. Take one more step active into this spiritual rehab unit, a step that fits you. What you get in return is a church who will suffer with you and advocate with you in your hard times.

A Community Church is a Community

We are a Community Church, a disciple making institution by God's design. You are a disciple by Jesus' call. That means, disciple is your primary identity, that the Community Church is your primary community and that disciple making is your primary vocation. SMCC will help you be a disciple and be a good one. Take time with a brother or sister to evaluate where you are in spiritual growth. Are you a spiritual infant or a spiritual parent or something in between?

A Community Church is for Maturity

We are a Community Church where we not only are allowed to change, but expected to. At SMCC you have a community committed to your growth, to helping you become a better person, more fruitful, a world changer, one Sunday at a time. So? Make adult, deliberate efforts to mature. Discover how people change and help others do the same.

A Community Church is for Ministry

We are a Community Church where each one of us can make a difference. We own the ministry as we serve each other and the world. As you wake up thinking about the ministry you own for yourself, the community will matter more and more to you. Don't know what to do next or how to do it? Ask for help.

A Community Church is Ordinary

We are Community Church is a place where we celebrate our ordinary Christian lives. Our days count because, in Christ, every day is sacred. Ordinary Christian lives change the world together as we grow up, then we turn around and help someone else grow up. Make your ordinary life a means towards God's end in them.