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When you Can't Pay it Back
Leviticus 5:14-6:7
Series: Leviticus: Gaining Ground   |   Robert Campbell

The point our passage makes today is that sin costs something of others. Your sin and mine costs God the glory that He is due by nature of who He is and by nature of our covenant relationship to Him. Sin also costs our neighbors - spouses, family, literal neighbors and our fellow church members in particular.

All of these should have rightly expected covenant loyalty from us.
What do we do when we realize that our sin has cost something of someone? We confess our sins and we make reparations. Reparation is evidence of true repentance.

Here is the good news, because both you and I have committed sins against others that could never be paid back: Jesus has paid all of your covenant debt to God and has richly supplied all that is needed to pay ALL our debts to one another in the church.


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